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We do the removals in Barcelona that you need

Heysser Really works every day to offer the best moving experience. The commercials will accompany you at all times, preventing you from feeling alone during the process. Your budget to be made by and for you will be totally personalized.

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Mudanzas Heysser is the moving company in Barcelona that you deserve

The work of Mudanzas Heysser focuses on delivering a win-win strategy, where both parties benefit from the work carried out. Each of your belongings, from grandmother’s belongings, to the last dishes and furniture that we buy at Christmas, will be perfectly cared for as one of our family. Respecting your time and eager to help, we will isolate you from all the stress of the process, Trust our moving company, we will not disappoint you.

Words from our satisfied customers

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Antonia Santamaría
Antonia Santamaría
Muy buen servicio, trato amable por parte del personal, quedé muy satisfecha con el trabajo realizado, muy recomendable, sin dudarlo. Muchas gracias por todo.
Carla Barrenechea
Carla Barrenechea
professionals, molt espavilats davant els imprevistos i agradables
Marcel Stanton
Marcel Stanton
tot correcte, puntualitat, feina feta ràpidament, simpàtics, una cracks vamos
Maria Carmen Lagraba
Maria Carmen Lagraba
Estoy muy contenta, todos los muebles muy bien protegidos y pierden el tiempo que sea necesario, la verdad que si vuelvo a mudarme contaré con ellos. Así da gusto porque todo llega en perfecto estado 👍
Roberto Morales
Roberto Morales
Muy buen servicio. Rápido y profesionales
jessica von helmolt
jessica von helmolt
muy buena opción para mudanzas pequeñas y medianas!

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Things that sometimes we are not so clear before we move

What are the strengths of Heysser Removals?

Fully Customized Budget

You are in charge of selecting each peculiarity of your move, accompanied at all times by a specialized agent.

Merchandise insurance

We comply with all the safety regulations established for cargo transfers, so insurance, in addition to being mandatory, is necessary.

Support, Guidance and Resolving Capacity

If you will notice something when you read our reviews and comments, it is the resilience and attitude before problems. In the shortest possible time we look for new alternatives, without extra expenses and without major worries.

Frequently asked questions

En el apartado de servicio se presentan la mayoría de nuestra oferta. Hoy día, año 2021 nos especializamos en mudanza nacionales y hacia islas baleares (Mallorca, Menosr e Ibiza), con varios colaboradores para realizar  mudanzas internacionales. Otras ofertas que destacan son los siempre polivalentes guardamuebles y vaciados de pisos. 

The insurance provides protection against incidents and certain civil liability against unwanted situations. Regardless of the quality of the same, in the event of small incidents, during Heysser is responsible for damages caused by our operators and we compensate those affected “in situ”.

Our park is made up of moving trucks with different capacities. This is because it is necessary to cover the offer of small removals and comprehensive removals that they may request when hiring us.

We have perfect trucks for students and departures to the airport with capacity for 5 seats and 12 people (5m3). For local removals we use trucks and vans between 5 and 20 cubic meters. Given the need for international or comprehensive removals, it is best to use those that have enough space between 15 and 35 m3. If you need more information call our sales representatives.

Our company follows the current anti-covid protocols and the necessary sanitary hygiene measures.

Now, within our workflow, we incorporate all the necessary technology and means so that your belongings and belongings remain intact. The use of moving blankets and all the necessary bubble wrap protect furniture and household appliances from scratches.

In our furniture storage, all fire protection, waterproofing and humidity reduction measures are also followed. Our lifting platforms, also necessary for cargo protection, are the result of periodic inspections by regulatory bodies.

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You can check our file on removals in Barcelona, ​​read our reviews and contact us.

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