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Moving to Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Girona and Lleida. Cheap and National Removals.

Lift Rentals in Barcelona

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Rental of lifting platforms in Barcelona. Platforms per facade up to a 6th floor. Using a lifting platform 🚀 can humanize the move and greatly decrease the operating time.

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The Heysser Lifting Platforms in Barcelona

When making a move there are many factors to take into account. Normally the accessibility of our building or our home is not the most suitable and for this reason it is super necessary to have a plan to complete our move. We have lifting platforms for construction companies, reforms and bulky objects, as well as for film shoots or events in which you need a lifting platform per facade. If you need a moving platform, you are in the perfect place.

Lifting platform service in Barcelona

Mudanzas Heysser offers you the possibility of renting this lifting platform service in Barcelona and in this way being able to extend the limits of possibility and reduce work times. Our facade lifting platforms allow our loading and unloading operators and waiters to take your furniture to the top of your block or building. We will take care of requesting all the necessary permits to be able to arrive with the trucks and the trailer to be able to bring all our work team there. Therefore, it is super necessary that you evaluate this possibility when starting your project or starting to inhabit a new house.

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The cheapest platform lift rental

Our prices to rent a lifting platform start from € 140, but if you need it for a move, the price of the pack decreases considerably. For this reason we urge you to contact our sales representatives so that they can offer you a price according to what you need, making use of our platform offers.

Our elevators have the highest technology and Heysser can take care of the application for permits to operate if you do not have a parking space. This is because it is necessary to go to the town hall to request permits in this case, but if you have parking, the operation is faster.

Lifting platforms and their permits

We suppose that you are going to move to a new apartment, and it is very easy to use a lifting platform to raise the appliances and furniture through the terrace or a window with access to the street. But the difficult thing about the story is that if we do not have the necessary permits to operate we can incur high fines. For this reason, we have years of experience in managing these permits.

Our team will request permission to operate the lifting platform at the Barcelona city hall in advance of moving or using the platform to work with everything in order and avoid problems with the authorities. Trust in our service, at all times we will accompany you in the process.

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Our work with platforms

When can I need a tail lift?

If you live in an attic, your building has very thin corridors (very normal in old building blocks) in these cases we will take care of studying the access to analyze how we will proceed and in this way carry out the move or transport.

There is also the possibility that the volume of your furniture is very large, which is very normal today, and that due to the fact that they do not want to be disassembled so as not to reduce their useful life, it is better to enter them through the facade or through the place of best accessibility that is best for us. Also in Barcelona, ​​a very large city where we are constantly looking for the best prices, this type of machinery allows us to speed up a task at the best prices, which is our day to day, but which for most customers is a very delicate lake.

Don't worry about us, we don't need a separate truck or van, we simply add it as a trailer to the caravan. From Moving Heysser we ask you to contact our staff so that we can help you and when it comes to creating the best strategy for your move so that the new adventure is carried out in the most bearable way possible.

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