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Moving services

Our duty as a moving company is to offer the best service available to us. Thanks to each and every one of the services we have offered, the same clients have shaped the reality of the company. Our entire portfolio is focused on your needs and you will select them yourself to make up your move.

From the first moment you contact our moving company, we will accompany you throughout the process. Little by little, we will make up the moves you need, each of the services and we will adjust, if necessary, a visit to your property. This especially in high volume moves and essential in the case of moving for companies and offices.

Services of the best moving company in Barcelona

Heysser Removals provides a range of services with the highest quality. Large and small removals for individuals, students and companies. As well as removals of an entire office and with the assembly and disassembly of furniture that this entails.

We can provide you with the services of loading and unloading porters with professional packaging preparation that guarantees the protection of the merchandise and optimizes its volume. And of course, the classic Furniture Storage and Lifting platforms for removals are always within the services that Heysser delivers.

We have Merchandise Insurance and vehicle rental with driver and we deliver the moving materials for you to do the home packing or our guys can do it professionally.

We not only limit our removals in Barcelona and the provinces of Tarragona, Girona and Lleida, but we will take you to your destination in any part of the National territory and ATTENTION !!!, We always try to deliver the best price.

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