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Assembly and disassembly of furniture

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The best furniture assembly and disassembly service

Well, we all have those pieces of furniture that we want to accompany us everywhere, and most of them are not very small, let us say, you can drop it, without criticizing hahaha, or you can count on a specialist to disassemble your furniture at the origin and to mount them in destiny.

The assembly and disassembly of furniture is a classic service that allows the most voluminous furniture to be packed in a smaller format that increases its safety and prepares it for the trip that will take place. Grandmother’s furniture fits into this scheme, the furnished super machines we are infatuated with, and the entire room of the son who just went to college.

You realize that dismantling furniture is essential when the stairs are smaller than the current ones at the destination, that the trip will be very long or you want to wrap them in moving blankets and bubble wrap so that even the bullets do not enter.

If we think about it, the beds, the large closets, our kitchen, there are dozens of pieces of furniture that you want to keep on your property and that in these times there is no need to spend money on new furniture because if the ones you have you still like, We will carry out the assembly and disassembly with the necessary quality to preserve its integrity.

Our removals include assembly and disassembly of furniture, yes, we carry out your move and we will include loading and unloading porters with training to carry out this type of activities in the budget.

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