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Packing furniture

When we are about to make a move, when packing furniture and boxes there are things that are clear and others not so much. Some from the first day believe they are sure that they can do everything themselves, others delegate all functions to a moving company.

Our goal is not to urge that we do everything ourselves, but rather to let you know the benefits that professional packaging can bring. Both the packaging for furniture and each of its boxes. There are things that the loading and unloading porters are clear about, either because they are qualified for the job and others because of experience.

They know the boxes that go below, those that go to the top and if the packaging is done by the client there is information that we lose, without the intention of criticizing, only informing. We carry out the packaging of furniture for removals with all the measures, both your appliances and all your belongings will be protected with moving blankets, bubble wrap and the rest of the protection measures.

If you wish, we will deliver all the material to pack furniture and do it yourself, then our loading and unloading porters will take care of the assembly at the destination. As well as the boxes that you may need to make your own packaging or…. Always the guys from Heysser removals will carry out the whole process in a professional way and we are capricious in this, because the volume, the time of the removals can decrease and save materials making everything more bearable.

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