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Moving to Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Girona and Lleida. Cheap and National Removals.

Furniture storage in Barcelona

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Having furniture storage 👌 in Barcelona gives us great versatility to carry out each transfer. In temporary storage situations or to carry out works on your apartment or sale for rent, our own furniture storage is the most economical solution.

Furniture Storage Budget in Barcelona

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Heysser furniture storage in Barcelona

Our Furniture Storage service handles cheap prices within the entire geography of the province of Barcelona and all of Catalonia. We have the personnel and the means to search for the merchandise or all your furniture that you need to keep for a certain period.

It is up to us to guarantee the safety of the people in establishments that meet all the safety and environmental quality standards, so it will be difficult for them to suffer any kind of deterioration. In other words: "Your furniture will sleep peacefully."

We put at your disposal our vans and porters for loading and unloading to streamline the entire process.

Cheap storage in Barcelona

We guarantee the best price you can get for a furniture storage in Barcelona. When you want, you can bring your merchandise and we store it or we can go with our trucks and vans to collect all your belongings and do a professional packing.

In these cases the most important point is the disassembly and assembly of furniture. Our moving professionals will be in charge of putting everything in point, especially by perfectly carrying out a perfect disassembly of each piece of furniture, table and chair in your house.

Do not waste more time

When can I need storage?

Barcelona being such a big city and where getting another rental or apartment to live in can be quite a mission, during that time of stand bay we will take care of your belongings for you.

Another great example is during a renovation. At some point we have needed to give a total change to our house and our furniture in the house does nothing but hinder, right there Heysser Removals comes in. We rescue your furniture and take it to a safe place so that it can then be returned to any part of Barcelona that you tell us.

You are going to rent your apartment. If you want to start in the real estate world, we are a good ally, the rentals have very high prices in Barcelona, ​​or in the main poles of the city, because once you have new tenants and you do not know where to take your furniture, what will you do? Holaaa, here we are, Heysser removals will put at your disposal furniture storage at very affordable prices.

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