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Moving to Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Girona and Lleida. Cheap and National Removals.

Business and Office Moving Company

Heysser moving

Mudanzas Heysser has experience in the transfer of merchandise and removals for companies, SMEs and freelancers for more than 30 years ✨. We have stood out for making cheap moves at the best prices and adding value with our services such as loading and unloading with assembly and disassembly of furniture in each of our moves in Barcelona.

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The best removals for companies

It does not matter if it is a move from Barcelona to Madrid, emptying Barcelona apartments, this moving company has always been at the forefront in providing services. We take care that each company has all the documents it needs for tax returns and personal income tax.

Every time a truck leaves Barcelona, ​​our porters for loading and unloading already have the instructions that they have to carry out during the transfer of merchandise and thus avoid possible inconveniences. To get in touch with us, just cycle through the WhatsApp chat options, call us by phone and contact our excellent customer service or fill out the lifelong forms 🤗

Special removals for small and medium businesses

Regardless of the size of your company, Heysser and its salespeople always find the best objectives to help you with your goals. With all our papers in order and the ability to be transparent, there are literally hundreds of companies that trust our services. Some even hire our services to help their workers and make life easier or simply to help them acclimatize to the city of Barcelona.

Removals for SMEs

We know the effort involved in undertaking a business project and that is why we always have special offers for SMEs. We have all the appropriate security for any specific electronic equipment or for the office furniture that they may have.

We do not charge depending on the size of your company, do not worry about it, we will always negotiate the best offers according to your needs. Therefore, do not waste any more time and contact Heysser removals as soon as possible.

Office Removals

With total security we promise to take care of each one of your furniture, your chairs and all the files. Our blankets, the proper use of bubble wrap and correct packaging in general, are fundamental pillars of our moving company.

We have furniture storage with all the security and standards to take care of office materials with adequate humidity and anti-fire standards. Remember to ask for our services, we always differentiate ourselves in part by having our own equipment in need of increasing the price, an example of this is our lifting platform.

Everything a company needs to move to Barcelona

Don’t waste days searching

Many entrepreneurs spend days looking for the best moving company that suits their needs, and this is a GOLDEN mistake. But beware, if you have already arrived here, you have half the way done, because Heysser has all the technology and complies with all the regulations to be able to meet the needs of any company and office.

Know our moving services for companies

Our sales representatives are obliged to provide you with all the information you need to make your move. We know all the procedures and procedures that are needed to use lifting platforms or transporting biohazard equipment in the case of special SMEs. Regardless of the niche of your company, Heysser will always find an alternative to the problems that you can pose us.

Removals for national and Balearic companies

We have no limits, where you need us to go there we will be. You will notice from the first moment the need to comply with your requirements and safety regulations. Quality will always be guaranteed.

Heysser carrying out removals for companies in Barcelona

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