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Moving to Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Girona and Lleida. Cheap and National Removals.

Removals for real estate, colleges and universities

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Removals for Realtors in Barcelona

Mudanzas Heysser goes beyond the removals in Barcelona and carries out removals for real estate, companies and offices. We understand that there are many who move to the country, as well as those who want to come to a big city. In these cases, there are many real estate companies that need a moving company to help them empty an apartment or include added value in their price letter.

If you represent a real estate agency in Barcelona, ​​you have to know that Heysser removals has exclusive prices for this type of company and that it is willing in any case to create an alliance between a removal company in Barcelona and real estate agencies.

Real estate moving services

Heysser Removals is willing to establish relationships with real estate agents. We are willing to integrate into your service chain, adding value to real estate clients. With this type of service we seek to create a win win integration, so that our company and the real estate agency benefit during the clients’ move in Barcelona

Camiones de mudanzas económicas con plataforma elevadora en una mudanza urgente en barcelona

Removals for Colleges and Universities

Sometimes it is hard to think that a university or a college needs a moving company, but if it is here it is because this need exists. We understand that there are many colleges and universities that are closing part of their residence facilities and in many cases they need to move a lot of merchandise.

In these cases we implore you to call Heysser removals and learn about the prices we have for school and university removals at prices adapted to the market with seriousness and guarantees.

University Removals in Barcelona

Both public and private facilities that wish to establish a contract to move a university in Barcelona will have exclusive prices for them. In these difficult times moving Heysser adapts its removals in Barcelona to all kinds of removals related to educational centers.

School removals in Barcelona

Schools that wish to move part of the furniture to another location can count on Heysser removals to have a good price and guaranteed services. In we tend that removals in Barcelona are not enough and school removal services are also having a good acceptance.

We suggest that in order to save time and receive a moving budget as soon as possible, contact Heysser removals through any of the actions enabled for it.


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